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CNPIT Topoloveni

NCTIP Topoloveni – National Centre for Tourism Information and Promotion in Topoloveni town, district of Arges.

CNPIT Topoloveni


    Topoloveni town is located in the south-east part of Arges district, at the contact area between Argesului Meadow, in the south part, and the Northern Hills of Candesti platform, which belong to the Getic Piedmont.

    Orasul Topoloveni town has a remarkable touristic potential, due to its privileged geographical position, to the diversity of the relief, to the particularly picturesque aspect of the entire zone and due to the existence on its territory of a valuable historical and cultural patrimony, as well as traditions and crafts.

    Orasul Topoloveni town appeared on the place of an old rural settlement, the first documentary certification of the area dating back to the year 1421 and being created in the times of Radu Prasnaglava, son of Mircea cel Batran (Mircea the Old). Five centuries and a half later, more precisely in the year 1968, Topoloveni was declared a town.

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Biserica Inuri

Inuri Church - ‘Saint Archangels Michael and Gabriel’ was built in the year 1706. In the north-eastern part of Topoloveni town there is Inuri village. In this village there was built in the year 1706 a church in the shape of a ship, being declared a historical monument. The monument keeps three written inscriptions. The painting, dating from 1767, not being reconditioned, is in many places blurred. The iconostasis, artistically sculpted in wood is a true jewellery of this ancient church.

Biserica Golestii-Badii

Golestii – Badii Church - ‘Adormirea Maicii Domnului’ (Dormition of the Mother of God) was built in the year 1745. It was built by the Hieromonk Dionie, Father Superior of Nucet Monastery in the year 1745, during the reign of Constantin Mavrocordat.
In the narthex of the church there is still quite visible the fresco painting, which represents scenes from heaven and hell.

Catedrala Sf.Gheorghe

"Sf. Gheorghe" (Saint George) Cathedral received the assent of the Holy Synod in the year 2003, when the foundation of this place was set out. It was sanctified in the year 2008. The religious scenes are made out of mosaic, and the windows contain stained glass. The cathedral is built on two levels, at the first floor being a balcony through which the church is rounded during Easter services (Vespers of Great and Holy Friday). The place has 17 bells.

¦¦ About Topoloveni

Topoloveni town is situated close to some touristic attractions that already form part of the national and international touristic tours:
- Golesti Museum – 9 km
- Rancaciov Monastery – 7 km
- Calinesti Monastery – 6 km
- Florica Villa (which belonged to Bratianu family) – 10 km
- Liviu Rebreabu memorial house – 12 km
- Curtea de Arges Monastery – 60 km
- the Roman camp in Cetateni – 40 km
- Vlad Tepes’s fortress in Poienari – 70 km.

Topoloveni in the past (photo gallery)

Entrance to Targul Carcinov (Carcinov Burgh)

Topoloveni today (photo gallery)

Topoloveni City Hall

   Topoloveni town was documentary certified on the 19th June 1421. Information: surface: 3384 hectares, altitude: 274 m, population: 10627 inhabitants).
   The oldest building in the town is Inuri Church whose patrons are "Three Holy Hierarchs" and which was built in the year 1706, being declared historical monument.
   The town is situated at a distance of 95 km from Bucharest on the national road Bucharst - Pitesti which passes through the town, with a length of 3.8 km. Carcinov river crosses the town from north to south.
   Traditional activities are: vegetable - growing, fruit-growing, viticulture and animal – growing. The town is renowned for exportation of handicraft items and of canned fruit and vegetable.

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